Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Steampunk + Resin = Something new and different!

Wow, I see it's been quite a while since I posted a blog update.  High time!

Speaking of time, I really wanted to try another steampunk jewelry piece.  I also wanted to experiment with UV resin.  So I combined both into my latest piece which I had so much fun making, I'm thinking of turning it into the first of a series!

I've called this Slow Growth.  It represents the passage of time while a botanical goes through its life cycle.  The frame of this piece probably speaks for itself, as do the assorted watch innards gracing the center of the pendant.  What may be harder to identify in my photo is the gold-colored skeleton of a leaf under the watch parts.

I'm really loving embedding items in resin.  It speaks to my background as a miniaturist.  Things embedded in liquids have always held a strange fascination for me.  In my dollhouse days, it might have been faux ice cubes embedded in a tiny glass of faux iced tea.  So many parallels between two such contrasting crafts ...


  1. beautiful necklace! i've yet to try resin, but looking forward to trying it.

  2. Wow, this is VERY classy steampunk! I am still in the learning phase but I would be terrified to make such a beautiful silver pendant and try to use resin on it - mine would quite undoubtedly not come out so perfect as yours is LOL! I picture bubbles, spills - EEK! Great job!

  3. Stunning! I love this and also learning you were a miniaturist :) You're super cool!!