Sunday, December 27, 2009

My first keum-boo jewelry piece ... a Twilight tribute

I came late to the Twilight fan party, but I'm definitely here and can't wait for the next film in the series, Eclipse.  (Team Edward here!)

So ... once I was booked into a keum-boo class and knew I had to create a jewelry piece as pre-work for the class, the Twilight series was the first thing that came to mind.

My tribute to Twilight is a round box bead strung on a sterling silver ball chain.  The texture, although so subtle as to hardly be recognizable, is a forest of evergreen trees over which a full moon shines.  The moon is a bezel-set rainbow topaz cabochon, and the 24-karat gold foil keum boo burnished onto the surface is a cloud drifting across the sky.  All around the rim of the bead are the words Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse.

I was able to achieve some amazing oxidation colors on this piece ... it looks like the bead is about to burst into flame with the bright coppers, purples and blues, especially on the back.  I polished up the text to highlight it.  Next will come a coat of Renaissance Wax  to protect the patina, which would be heartbreaking to lose.


  1. Neat! Love the golden trail "cloud path" to rainbows....
    nic x

  2. oh I love it from another die hard Twilight fan. I have a pack of copper I need to experiment with but the mess puts me off lol. Also my copper seems to oxidize really quickly so I cant see, to keep the nice bright colour. love this!