Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The view from my Cape Cod studio ...

With the winter season winding down here in Florida, I find myself more and more homesick for our home up north with each passing day. I can almost hear the mockingbirds calling in the trees and the echoes the woodpeckers' bills make throughout the surrounding woods.

I so look forward to carrying my first morning cup of coffee out onto the deck and hearing the quiet voices of men casting their fishing rods off their small boats in our little cove. Climbing down those 92 precious wooden steps to the lake, sitting on the dock and dangling my legs over the side to dip my toes into the gently lapping waves. And the stars at night. Oh, the stars!

This is the summer view from the bay window in my studio when the blue wave hydrangeas and the fairy roses are in bloom. Heaven is just a month away ...


  1. This is a GORGEOUS view! My blood pressure goes down just looking at it!

  2. I am very jealous. Most of my family is from the Cape. I can't wait to visit them this summer. You have a gorgeous view.