Friday, April 10, 2009

An update on the ospreys ...

Back on February 19th, I posted this photo I took of the osprey nest I spotted only about 20 feet from the end of our boardwalk near the beach.

Sadly, some time within the past two weeks the nest disappeared. There's absolutely no sign of it or what happened to it. We're all wondering if the wind blew it down or if a raccoon or some other animal destroyed it, but one morning I walked by and there was no hint it ever existed. The thought that the hatchlings might have been lost is really devastating to contemplate, but there doesn't seem to be a way to determine this with any degree of certainty.

Interestingly, the mother osprey began rebuilding the nest in the very same spot a few days ago, but has since abandoned it. I'm not sure if the weather is playing a factor in this development, as it's been extremely windy at the beach the past few days. I hope she returns and continues the job she started. And I hope even more that her babies are okay.

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  1. fingers crossed :-(
    nature can be cruel, but it's worse when people are involved - our neighbour had all the ivy ripped off his wall whilst the sparrows were nesting, fledgelings were dying everywhere you looked :-(