Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Work (at last!)

With the 2011 summer show schedule in full swing, I finally mustered the courage to open a new package of silver and take the plunge.  With silver prices again going through the roof, I've become increasingly reluctant to risk making a wrong turn and having something turn out badly; I'd much rather mess up a bronze or copper piece!  But silver has my heart and I couldn't stay away.  Hopefully, the risk was worth it -- here's my new Sediment necklace.

The round cabochon is carnelian, and the inverted triangle is red lace agate ... one of my favorites for sheer drama and movement.  Accented with fine silver seashells, oxidized with just the tiniest hint of red to make the cabs pop, mounted on a handmade necklace of sterling silver wire-wrapped matching lampwork beads encased in clear glass with my own hand-hammered and forged sterling silver spiral clasp.


  1. here from the new england artisans gathering. your stuff is great!

  2. Very nice work Bev! I have to get going again!