Saturday, April 24, 2010

Things I miss about home

At this point in the season down here in Florida, when most of the snowbirds have flown north again but we still linger for a while, my thoughts turn to all the things I love and miss the most about our home on Cape Cod.

The wooden stairway and its maze of landings through the pines leading down to the lake ... the 93 steps to reach the water are exhilating on the way down, as you can see the water sparkling between the trees ... but the climb back up is a real workout!

The unexpected and very surprising wildlife that shows up in our back yard from time to time (I took this picture through the window of my studio one morning ...)

The outside shower and the hosta growing so wild in the damp shade that it threatens to block the entrance.

And the blue wave hydrangeas that bloom during the summer months that need constant trimming so they don't block the view of the lake from my studio ...

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