Sunday, September 20, 2009

Etsy MetalClay Charm Swap (Spoiler Alert!!)

These are a few of the fine silver charms I made for the very first Etsy MetalClay Team charm swap.  The charms are currently in the hands of our charm swap coordinator, Teresa Boland, who will be mailing the charms to the swap participants early in the week.  Two extra bracelets are also being donated to carefully seleced charities.  Thanks, Teresa, for all your hard work coordinating this wonderful project!  I can't wait to get mine and assemble my charm bracelet!

Each charm features two very detailed spiral button shells -- a large one and a smaller one -- fused onto a background texture of foaming surf.  The reverse side has the same texture plus my hallmark, stamped .999.  I oxidized the charms and polished off only the high spots, leaving interesting hints of color on the charms.  Although the design is the same on each charm, because of the placement of the texture and individual molding of the seashells, each charm is slightly different and has its own unique character.

My goal here was to create a charm that would be recognizable to my team members as my creation based on its resemblance to my signature body of work -- three-dimensional seashells floating on waves -- without the need to check my initials on the reverse side.  Hopefully this goal has been accomplished!


  1. They're so gorgeous!!

  2. Bev, they are beautiful. I can't wait to get our charms. There is NO DOUBT it not distinguishable. Gorgeous.

  3. I agree, those are exactly as ocean -like and wonderful as I was expecting from you Bev!
    I'm trying to be patient.

  4. I'm so excited to be sporting a Mango Tango charm!

  5. You definitely achieved your goal! They look wonderful. I too didn't want my initials or mark on my piece for made mine my "style" which hopefully the team will know. It'll be so great to receive all these charms.

  6. Oh my goodness how GORGEOUS and how exciting it will be to wear one of my very own!!
    nicola x