Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Planning for show season ...

So ... now I'm immersed in decision-making about how best to approach my first-ever show season as a jewelry designer. I've got four shows booked this summer and fall, two of which will be held outdoors ... and that means I need a tent, displays, banners, and all sorts of other equipment and supplies.

It would run completely counter to my artistic instincts to do this in an organized way, so instead of beginning with the tent (too many choices ... still mulling over the options), I've started with a nice big vinyl banner for the front of my canopy (which does not, as of this writing, yet exist).

My thanks to Erzsebet Etl at for helping me to design the banner and to Paul Wilson at who is in the process of printing this for me on vinyl with grommets. He's also printing 16x20 enlargements of my work to hang inside my tent (which does not, as of this writing, yet exist).


  1. Hi Bev,

    I don't plan on doing many shows this summer. I'll most likely do a couple of South End Open Market shows. We bought a new ez up tent last year. It's white and has the sides. We also made weights for it (which are a requirement now for most shows). You are more than welcome to borrow it. It's just taking up space in our garage. If I need to borrow it, we can meet somewhere, but I doubt I'll need it.