Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fun Photo of the Week (or maybe not ...)

This is what we lovingly refer to in these parts as a 'string of pearls' ... but actually it's a collection of spiderling cases. Once they hatch, each of these 'pearls' will release literally thousands of baby spiders. Not a happy thought for someone who is as afraid of spiders as I am. And there are zillions of these throughout the mangrove swamp. Wait 'til I show you a photo of the adults ... the arachnids in Florida are H-U-G-E.


  1. Quick! Paint it with slip and incinerate those little crawly things. Wouldn't it be pretty hanging from a looong chain?

  2. I remember cycling Florida and wanting to go really fast under all the power lines where the spiders webs and big spiders were just hanging out! Great photo - even if it brought back those scary times!!!!