Friday, July 24, 2009

The copper binge continues ...

It seems once I take the plunge, I tend to do it in a fairly major way. I've been immersed in copper. Bathing in it, drinking it, eating it, dancing with it ...

Well, perhaps not literally ... but somehow the colors and textures speak to me in a major way and I can't get enough, especially once I held a torch to a finished piece and saw the magnificent patinas I was able to achieve. And I'm having way too much fun with copper chain, findings, and beads.
Here's a newly finished piece (no torch patina here ... it's a floating pendant and the contact with the chain would cause too much friction, I think). Another firing will take place early tomorrow morning, and from that batch I hope to have a nice large pendant, lots of leaf earrings and some starfish. I'm going to have to shop for some extra butane at this rate ...

Monday, July 20, 2009

... And now, on to copper!

I finally mustered the courage to open my first package of CopprClay and begin dabbling. Thought it wise to play my first outing conservatively in case the firing didn't go well, so I didn't make any pieces so elaborate that I felt they were non-expendable.

Fortunately my concerns vanished when I opened the lid of my firing sink and scooped out some wonderful little jewelry components. Naturally, I wished I had taken more of a risk and gotten some major pieces made! You know what they say about hindsight ... but it could easily have gone the other way. Next batch: Watch out! I like this material. Very workable and it takes texture very well.

Here are my first copper earrings.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nose back to the grindstone!

I see it's been ages since I added to my blog -- the show went reasonably well; met lots of wonderful people and networked quite a bit. I sold my bronze lion's paw shell necklace to a dear couple who were buying it as a birthday gift for their daughter. The setup was easier than we imagined (practice makes perfect!), and we were able to break down the tent, pack up and leave within 50 minutes -- a real feat!

Since then, I've been catching up with real life by spending lots of quality time with my family and friends. These past few days I'm back in my studio filling custom orders in bronze and silver. I can't wait to open my first package of copper and plunge into it! Nothing like a new adventure to invigorate one's creativity!